My Two Eyes Looks Ahead to a 20/20 Future

My Two Eyes (Credit: Erica Torres)

At the core of My Two Eyes’ pop/rock persona (and secret identity) is a passionate song writer whose goal is centered around spreading optimism through music. The OC-bred solo artist joins the list of moniker artists who prefer letting their music take  center stage. Living in Anaheim for the last seven years and performing for the last 15, this seasoned artist has found a love for performing in Southern California. “I always love playing the House of Blues [Anaheim]. I’ve thought of Orange County as comfortable, that’s the best world for it, and I love being home.” says My Two Eyes.

Growing up on the border of LA and Orange County, My Two Eyes has seen it all when it comes to the California music scene. His years of playing and making music began in 2005 while flowing in and out of various Orange County bands. Opening for artists like Richie Ramone and The Ataris, he was able to learn from the best in the business. “Night after night, witnessing how they set up and structured their shows taught me a lot. Those experiences lead me to gaining enough confidence to put my own music out there as a solo artist” he reminisces. Performing with his bandmates for big crowds, eager to hear new music validated the idea that a career in music could actually happen.

Through it all his drummer and friend Jose “Pez” Lopez was right there with him, so they collaborated when forming My Two Eyes. Working together they bring energy to each show, focusing on both sound and performance. Their music plays homage to classic rock greats like Lindsey Buckingham and Freddie Mercury while dabbling in pop styles inspired by Lady Gaga. The confidence and excitement those artists have for their music is exactly what he’s striving for.

The inspiration for naming this rock persona came from The Great Gatsby. In the literary classic the spectacles that watch Gatsby’s story unfold resonated with the front man. He says songwriting is his way of storytelling. “I write about everything,” he says. “Sometimes I’ll get ideas from stories I hear from the people around me. I want someone to walk away feeling inspired to try new things and be exactly who they are.” Recognizing that rock tends to center around more negative subjects, My Two Eyes has found that focusing on the positivity in life comes more naturally in his writing process.

In his new single, “Holding Back”, out March 26th, the artist sings about being true to himself and his art; not allowing anyone to hold him back from his passion. He says that the message is extremely important to him as well as just loving the way it sounds. Describing this track as having “..a rockin’ groove to it with a bit of a folk vibe”, he wrote and produced it all in his own home. Going through this process with all of his singles, My Two Eyes feels like the growth in production can be felt as he’s honed in on his producing skills over the last few months. His plan is to keep releasing singles, expressing that it makes more sense for him to get music out to fans as soon as possible in place of a LP or an album.

My Two Eyes (Credit: Erica Torres)

Starting April 6th, My Two Eyes will be performing acoustic sets throughout Orange County and San Diego.  Specifically he aims to highlight the lyrics and vocals in each song by going acoustic. He says that people coming out to see him preform should expect an exciting show with cool grooves. Being on stage, able to connect with fans is where the songwriter feels at his best. My Two Eyes really started with the intention of writing songs just to license them and get them out there, but after performing them in front of an audience he knew he couldn’t just stop there. “I know who I am musically now. I’ve always felt it, but now I feel more than ever confident in what My Two Eyes is and I think it’s going to be a really cool journey forward.”


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