Mutoid Man

They named their record Helium Head after our fuckin’ favorite-ever Sir Lord Baltimore song—you got an internet, look it up!—and they deliver their overcranked shreddery with the honor such a name demands. A trio featuring Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky and Converge’s Ben Koller, Mutoid Man is technical but absolutely raw—the ol’ rusty chainsaw philosophy—and these six tracks speed along with Slayer-ian gusto and Motorhead-y nastiness. (Or perhaps the other way around?) The occasional vintage wah-pedal you hear is really just the sound of your mind bending, and that thing that sounds like a double-kick drum? Well, that’s your heart trying to warn you to turn this down a little—but don’t listen to it!

Mon., March 10, 8 p.m., 2014

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