Musican en Movimiento 2015

You can go to a myriad of music or culture festivals this summer, but how many of them tout themselves as being organized by and for the people? El Centro Cultural de Mexico's summertime art, poetry, activism and music fest Musica en Movimiento is just that, and brings an alluring full-day itinerary of poetry readings, a panel on socio/political movements, vendors like GCS Santa Ana, Audrey Thunders Clothing, breakdancing and live art. There's also a flood of musical groups such as psychedelic cumbia punkers Thee Commons, Bellhaunts, Salvajes, Comandante, Salvadorean hip hop star Moha Uno, and main headliner Reverie. The day even begins with a special opening ceremony dance performed by Danza Mesoamericana Calpulli Xiuhcoatl. Come and enjoy this uplifting and unifying event, and of course, rock out to your heart's content.

Sat., July 25, noon, 2015

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