Musical Advent Calendar: Bob Dylan, 'The Night Before Christmas'

Continuing our mini-theme this weekend of iconic singer/songwriters, let's turn to Bob Dylan. To his credit, he hasn't released any cheesy Christmas tunes in his near 50-year career, though the holiday comes up in tunes like “Arthur McBride” and both Christmas and Santa are mentioned in “Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie.”

But don't think that makes Bobby D some kind of scrooge. Two years ago, he recited “A Visit from St. Nicholas”–the poem of disputer authorship more commonly known by opening line “'Twas The Night Before Christmas”– on his XM Radio show Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour. As you might guess, it's neat, kind of weird and somewhat creepy. Instead of dreaming of seeing St. Augustine, we're spotting St. Nick. On Lily! On Rosemary! On the Jack of Hearts! Here it is.

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