Will Crum Plays the Wedge in Newport Beach

I've written before about Costa Mesa's Will Crum and his tendency to perform surprise, barely legal gigs in unique places (like a Wendy's and IKEA), but the singer-songerwiter's been fairly quiet the last few months. That changed this past Friday with a show at “The Wedge,” the famous Newport Beach surfing spot.

I wasn't able to make it out there, but his manager Geoff Shively has shared with us that cool pic above, along with these words:

“Willie Crum rocked a 2 hour set as a summer south swell pounds the
wedge, friday the 12th. You could hear the music loud and clear in the
water while surfing (even in the barrel!!!), the jetty providing sound
blockage for the houses and bay. no police, just lots of satisfied
surfers and rockers.”
–Geoff Shively

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