What Happened to the Long Beach Loop?

Started in September of 2008, the Long Beach Loop was a monthly event that sounded genuinely fun: the first Thursday of each month, a double-decker bus took folks back-and-forth between beloved LB spots Alex's Bar, The Pike and The Prospector, each of which had concerts going on that night (with sets timed to correspond to bus stops). Long Beach acts like Greater California, the Valley Arena and Free Moral Agents all participated. Music AND a bus, get of town. Sounds rad. And all for $10!

I wasn't able to attend the first few Long Beach Loops, and now it looks like I won't ever get the chance. Their MySpace hasn't been updated since February 9, last listing information for February's event, headlined by Mike Watt and the Secondmen at the Prospector. The calendar for Alex's Bar has other events listed for the first Thursdays of the next couple months. And the MySpace for Big Red Bus, the double-decker bus used during the events, hasn't been logged into since even earlier–December 9.

I'm looking into it. Stay posted!

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