Video: Repeater In Pre-Production with Ross Robinson

Way back in May, we told you about how Long Beach band Repeater were hand-picked by big-time producer Ross Robinson (the Cure, Korn, At the Drive-In, buckets of other various stuffs) to serve as his next project. We met with them at Robinson's home studio in Venice Beach–where the band lived for weeks while recording an album.

After wrapping that up, they hit the road to do the whole west coast
touring thing. Their latest stop is next Wednesday, October 21, at the Crosby
in Santa Ana. While we still await the fruits of Robinson and
Repeater's labors, here's a recently posted video of the band performing song
“Treeline” from May as part of a live rehearsal–a tantalizing prelude
to a finished product and also a neat little peak behind the curtain.

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