Venus Infers Roam Around Northern California with the B-52s

It's easy to hate Venus Infers. Out of any yet-unsigned Orange County band, they get the most awards (three trophies at the OC Music Awards earlier this year), the most critical acclaim (just check out all the quotes on their MySpace, and, yes, a plurality of them are written by me), getting the most radio play (KROQ's Locals Only show seems to play them every week), their music on the most TV shows (appearing on The Real World, Damages, among others), and the best gigs (having toured with Peter Murphy earlier in the year, and previously opened up for Chris Cornell).

But this stuff doesn't happen for no reason, and unless the band posses some kind of secret mass-brainwashing device (unlikely), it's quite simply a result of being good at what you do. And the latest accolade in the Venus Infers collection is a short tour opening up for new wave faves the B-52s in Northern California–today at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, and tomorrow at the Van Duzer Theater in Arcata.

So now they've gotten an '80s goth icon in Peter Murphy, a '90s alt-rock icon in Chris Cornell, and '80s new wave icons in the B-52s. Why, that's almost a genre bingo! Let's see Venus Infers open up for, say, '70s funk icons Parliament-Funkadelic or '90s Lilith Fair-icon Sarah McLachlan and then we'll throw some really heavy praise at them.

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