Venus Infers on MTV's 'The City'

We're big fans of Venus Infers here, so it's rather heartening to hear that this week they've made it to one of rock music's pinnacles. Namely, they had their music played on the back ground of one of the many spinoffs of MTV faux-reality sensation “The Hills.”


No, really. Like it or not “The Hills” and its brethren are still an
inexplicable phenomenon, so the fact that Venus Infers had a few
seconds of “(I Never) Been Here Before,” off their 2007 release, Venus Infers…(the white album),
on “The City” is pretty huge. “The City,” of course, documents Lauren
Conrad's fellow former Teen Vogue intern Whitney Port's move to New
York City and her work with famed designer Diane von
F├╝rstenberg, but you already knew all that.

Given that Venus Infers is an Orange County band and all, and that “The
City” is a spinoff of “The Hills' which was a spinoff of “Laguna Beach:
The Real Orange County,” it kind of all makes sense in a weird way.
Right? This site
informs that Venus Infers were also on “Making the Band 4” last fall;
I'm just surprised that there's been so few “Making the Band” seasons.
Seriously, the first one started when I was in high school. O-Town: Never forget. (Thanks to
Wikipedia, I see that “Making the Band 3” and “Making the Band 4” had
three seasons each. Well, that's weird.)

Thanks to KUCI's Press Pass for the heads-up.

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