Unknown bands battle to break out at Bamboozle Left

This weekend, while your band is hot boxing in the drummers van, it might be worth while to put down the bong and see what more enterprising young rockers are doing. Chain Reaction in Anaheim is giving local acts a chance to take the main stage at the 2009 Bamboozle Left Festival. This Sunday, seven bands are gearing up to compete in the Bamboozle “Break Contest”, which, as you can probably guess, basically amounts to an average high school battle of the bands….times a thousand. Over the next three weeks, dozens of bands will battle it out in front of a live audience and a judging panel of “industry experts” to find out who will be sharing the stage with acts like 50 Cent, The Deftones, and Fall Out Boy. Runners-up are also given a chance to perform on one of the side stages. From the looks of the Break Contest website , it looks like some stragglers may still have a chance to sign-up. Although, the contest requires bands to sell tickets (not the best scenario if no one really gives a crap about your band). On that note, good luck and hopefully YOUR band wins the whole darn thing!

More info on the contest HERE

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