Twitter to Be Used to Contact Michael Jackson, Other Dead Folks

Twitter has many uses: spreading important information and breaking news. Seeing super-awesome iPhone pictures from concerts that we're attending. Letting us know when Ashley Tisdale is getting her hair done. But now the limits of Twitter's power will truly be tested, as a UK costume shop will be using it on October 30 to raise the dead (cue ominous music!).

Officially, the event is called (what else?) a “TwNance.” This Telegraph article decries the event as a “publicity stunt,” but who are we to doubt the full capabilities of Twitter? They've even enlisted a “real” psychic, Jayne Wallace, to help conduct this supernatural business.

Michael Jackson is clearly a prime TwNance candidate, but according to their account (@tweance, of course), people are also looking to contact Houdini, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, John Lennon and Kurt Cobain. That's pretty last century, though Kurt Cobain probably would be a heck of a Twitterer (“more rain in Seattle. FML!”). Things get even farther back in history with nominees like Abraham Lincoln. Seriously? We're in the midst of the most prolific celebrity death year in history, and we're coming up with presidents that have been dead for 150 years? British people are weird.

What dead people would you want to contact through Twitter? Would you like to see some Sid Vicious TwitPics? Some creatively worded Hunter S. Thompson hashtags? Let us know!

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