Tough Choices: The Fray, Jack's Mannequin and Vedera vs. Crystal Antlers, Mika Miko and Audacity

Sure, at first glance, these shows tonight don't appear to have a lot in common with each other. And uh, well, maybe they don't. But they both have strong local ties, which is potentially the most important thing.

Who: The Fray, Jack's Mannequin (pictured), Vedera
Where: Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, 8808 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine
Tickets available at the door? Yeah, should be.
Vital statistics: The Fray's How to Save a Life went double-platinum, and at least one of those platinums is thanks to Grey's Anatomy.
Certain intangibles: Jack's Mannequin is fronted by Andrew McMahon, formerly of Something Corporate, and a former Dana Point resident. He's currently…well, at this moment, probably getting ready for the show.
Latest line: Vedera is also piano-based rock, but they have a female (Kristen May) in the band, so it's OK.

Who: Crystal Antlers, Mika Miko, Audacity
Where: Alex's Bar, 2913 E. Anaheim St., Long Beach
Tickets available at the door? Yes, $8, but it'll probably fill up fast.
Vital statistics: Long Beach's Crystal Antlers were pretty much the last band signed to influential Chicago indie Touch and Go; read more about that whole ordeal (and other ordeals!) in Chris Ziegler's article on them from last week's Weekly.
Certain intangibles: LA band Mika Miko is one of those “sound better live than recorded bands.” So if you like the stuff you hear on their MySpace, imagine how much fun you might have seeing them at Alex's!
Latest line: Fullerton's Audacity is one of the bands working with teenager-operated La Chupacabra Records, who we totally wrote about last week.

Raucous fun with a chance of emotional secretaries.

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