Top 5 Epic Interviews with GWAR

How do you sum up 25 years of blood-drenched stage shows, rubber-mutant costumes, cannibalized pop-culture effigies and heavy-metal savagery? You can't. But Oderus Urungus sure can. As the quasi-satanic frontcreature of GWAR, the galaxy's most brutal band of man-eating mutants, Urungus (aka Dave Brockie) is used to spreading the shocking gospel of this legendary tribe. But anyone who has followed the band knows that his interactions with the public aren't restricted to the stage in front of GWAR's frightening legion of metalhead stoners. He's also known to grace the limelight of mainstream media.

Over the years, talk show hosts, faux news anchors and raging conservative ideologues on public access TV have salivated over the idea of sitting down with such a shocking intergalactic specimen. In honor of GWAR's show tonight at the Glass House in Pomona, we give your our favorite GWAR-vs.-The Media moments–otherwise known as some of the funniest You Tube bile you'll watch all week.

5) Oderus on Fox 11's Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld

Believe it or not, Fox's late night show Red Eye is an old stomping ground for Oderus–because he pretty much stomps on anyone who tries to ask him a question that doesn't involve killing, sex or skin cream. Take a look as Greg Gutfeld, the show's cherubic host, shares some witty banter and current events with GWAR's centerpiece of destruction. Oh, and the look on conservative commentator S.E. Cupp's face when when guest Juliet Haddy tries to make a love connection between her and Oderus is priceless.
4) GWAR interview w/ Joan Rivers

Even back in 1990, it's hard to tell who's got more plastic on their face, the GWAR guys or Joan Rivers. And given the fact that a pop culture travesty like Rivers is an easy target for dismemberment in effigy at one of their concerts, Oderous and bassist Beefcake the Mighty are actually quite civil to her, even as they present her with the gift of a severed hand. Listen to the founders of GWAR describe the fate of their audience at their shows in detail in refined Eastern European accents. I think they made a new fan out of Rivers after this interview.
3) GWAR debates concerned mom on Jerry Springer
It's nice to see that GWAR don't shy away from discussions of family values. And the fact they are willing to debate a shrill-voiced suburban mom on Jerry Springer about the hazards of their music just shows you how committed they are to spreading their heavy-metal gospel. Just a note: When the lead singer of GWAR tells you that you're not raising your children right (and the audience actually agrees with him) it's pretty safe to say you've fucked up as a parent. 
2) GWAR experiences the wonders of OC public access w/ Wally George

On to one of the best shows in OC television history. During its approximately ten-year run on KDOC, the Hot Seat with dusty haired conservative Wally George was home to rappers, white supremacists and every shade of “weirdo scumbag” in between. But this old fart definitely got a lesson in humility when Odeous and Sleazy P. Martini (GWAR's long-time manager) hit the stage. There's nothing like hearing the psychotic screams of the audience in the background as George calls his guests “the sickest freakos I've ever had on this show.” Oderus' counter to George is equally sweet: “I'd like to see you crucified.”
It's definitely a clip that should live in the annals of OC television history. And even though most of the interview is censored, that somehow manages to make it even more hilarious. 
1) Dave Brockie interview unmasked!

GWAR founder Dave Brockie has done a handful of unmasked interviews. And while most of his best on-camera moments involve a rubber suit and hellish growl, it's worth noting that behind all the blood and guts is one of shock rock's true geniuses. Listen to the man speak in his own words about the everlasting potential of the world's bloodiest band. Especially this quote: “I've always said that Gwar is a band that could last a thousand years. I know Hitler said that about the Third Reich, but I might be right.”

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