Too Much for a Tuesday: Lenka, Speach Impediments, Steelwells and more

I'm torn…and confused. Is a Tuesday night in Orange County supposed to be this good? This diverse? Driving through city borders in Central and South Counties offers plenty in the way of eclectic sonic energy. Tonight's assorted showcases offer everything from flirty Coachella-esque pop (sorry, it's still on the brain), blood curdling hardcore and high energy hip hop all within a few miles of each other. Ah, what to see?!What to see?!

Let's start with the most pricey (though even in a recession, $14 bucks to see a show ain't terrible). Traveling to Costa Mesa by way of LA, before that Sydney Australia, Electro-acoustic singer/songwriter Lenka (pictured in the flier to your left) is pretty much one of the bigger events to take place at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa this week. Formerly of the electronic rock band Decoder Ring, Lenka's latest ventures since moving to L.A. in 2007 have revolved around infectiously bright tunes that have leaked their way into every thing from Old Navy Commercials to Grey's Anatomy episodes.

If it's a sweaty dance floor experience you're after, DJ Colette, the blond haired bombshell of house music label Om Records, is spinning tonight at Club Focus (aka Taps in Newport Beach). In the midst of touring everywhere from Singapore to Chicago, DJ Colette's hard-hitting approach to euro-beats and disco adds a touch of lipstick and world-traveled skills to the OC dance scene. $5 cover.

Not a
disco bunny? Okay well there are plenty of venues where flannel and ear
gauges are more than welcome. L.A. hardcore act Run Lola Run is
“running” the Slidebar Cafe in Fullerton with their Warp-Tour ready mix
of brutal break downs and complex guitar work with plenty of hair
raising inaudible screams to appease the hard core crowd. No cover
there I believe.

You've also got Y.L. experimental folksters The
Steelwells out in force at The Gypsy Lounge tonight if you are so
inclined to drive to Lake Forest for some killer boot stomping fervor
that is ultimately well-worth the gas. $5 cover there as well.

then there's hip hop of course, can't eave that out. Remember that
article that uh, yours truly penned just last week in OCW?? I know you
do. Well, Placentia-based rhyme crew Speach Impediments is set to
perform at Fullerton's Continental Room in Fullerton (literally across
the street from Slidebar), bring an entertaining flurry of intellectual
rhymes and shameless party jams delivered nice and precise. Boasting
four emcees and a DJ, these guys are almost more than the Continental
stage can handle once their live show gets cranking.

I really
don't envy you right now. I'm not sure how you're going to choose what
to do tonight. Of course you could just make it easy on yourself and
stay home…but how lame is that? Seriously.

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