TONIGHT: The Valley Arena at Detroit Bar

Detroit Bar's weekly “Busy Work” night is known for its DJs (like resident “spinner,” ugh, hate that term, Dan Sena), and getting folks from bands–like Efrem Schulz from Death by Stereo, to name a recent one–to man the 1s and 2s. But tonight, there's an actual live band performing there, as well? What in the world?

Yes, it's Long Beach's The Valley Arena, who are readying the release of their third album this May. They're busy this week–last night they were over at the Prospector in their neck of the woods, tomorrow they'll be in Fresno, and Saturday they're playing San Diego. The Valley Arena are pretty rad, and though I'm just discovering them now, the Weekly has a whole has been hip to them for a while–to wit, Erin DeWitt's (teehee) Locals Only on them from back in November 2007.

Band or no, expect the usual trappings of the night–resident DJs, $2 beers and a cover of $0. Starts at 9 p.m.

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