TONIGHT: The Steelwells at La Cave

The Steelwells have a lot of gigs lined up these days. And maybe I could have saved this post for a few days from now when they play at Santa Ana's esteemed Yost Theater, but it's Tuesday and I know you are gonna be bored and looking for something to do. In this case, a spirited folk rock five-piece is your sweet, melodic antidote. The band has a show tonight at La Cave and I'm sure they would love you to stop by. You may recognize them from one of the OC Music Awards showcases at Chain Reaction or shit load of other places (like I said, they gig a lot).

Binding a guitar driven thrust of haunting lyrics, the occasional spout of ballsy rock and heartfelt delivery, there are several comparisons I could make in my head when I hear them play (but in a shocking twist, one that you don't get from most music writers, I think I'll let you decide for yourself what they sound like…go ahead.I trust you). Here, check out the vid below and tell me what you think.

P.S. Big ups to these guys for being one of the few bands we care about to rep the Y.L. Hopefully they don't get all “cool” on us and move to Long Beach next year.

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