TONIGHT: Steve Aoki and DJ Mom Jeans at Detroit Bar

You know something big is going down when both of Detroit Bar's most recognized DJ nights (Busywork and La Boite Funk) have to join forces to host an event. And really, what could be bigger that Steve Aoki performing in mom jeans. Oh wait, correction… playing WITH Mom Jeans. Tonight Steve Aoki, world class electro DJ, Newport Beach native and founder of Dim Mak Records is rocking with actor Danny Masterson (owner of the aforementioned Mom Jeans moniker).

 A few days before his brief tour of Europe, Aoki returns to one of his Costa Mesa stomping grounds. Though Masterson's better known for punishing Kelso on the Fox TV sitcom That 70s Show, he's continued to bolster his rep for issuing beats of a different sort on dance floors throughout LA. At one point he was even nominated by Paper Magazine for Diesel Nightlife's award for “Best DJ”. Trust me, they don't just give that out to any old sitcom star with marginal turntable skills.

And even at the price of $20 a head, you're still getting the power of two great night for the price of one. Not to mention the unshakable prowess of Busywork and La Boite Funk regulars Dan Sena, GMO, Rockberry and Colossal KNXN. Don't be foolish. Get there early. And if you can scrounge up a pair of ACTUAL mom jeans to wear to the party tonight, I've sure Masterson would appreciate the support.

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