TONIGHT: Ra Ra Riot, Cut Off Your Hands at Detroit Bar

Are you sick of hearing about Ra Ra Riot yet? Y'know, the indie band from Syracuse that have been riding a crest of Vampire Weekend-esque buzz for the past few months. Well, you can stop hearing about them and actually hear them, tonight at Detroit Bar. Their record, The Rhumb Line, was Rolling Stone's 38th best album of last year, after all. Everyone knows 38th best is lucky! Opening up are New Zealand's Cut Off Your Hands, who Doug Wallen wrote about for us here, and Seattle's Telekinesis, a name that reminds me of X-Men. $12, tickets should still be available at the door. And that's not all! Our guy Spencer Kornhaber will have a full review for us in the morn', and we'll have pictures, too. Ra ra.

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