TONIGHT: Posse on Broadway Returns to Santa Ana

We all know what keeps any nightlife oasis going strong: “community”, that's right. In that category, Santa Ana's cluster of clubs and haunts do a pretty good job of passing us from one bar to the next. One of the best examples of this continues to be Posse on Broadway, a beats and booze collaboration between The Crosby, Proof, The Gypsy Den, Memphis Cafe and restaurant Lola Gaspar. Offering different club events at each place under the umbrella of unification, this is the first Posse event we've seen in a little while. The occur on the third Friday of every month. Come down and stumble onto DJ Urth from Free the Robots at the Crosby, a crew of MUTE DJs over at Proof (including Marshall Barnes and Adam Salter), and even a sprinkle of singer songwriter sounds at The Gypsy Den courtesy of Mike Baum and Joy Flying. Plus, think of all the free cardio you'll get by walking all over the place. 

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