Tonight: Matt Israeli Cool N His Experimental Rugs at Continental Room

Usually, at first glance of a long-ass goofy sounding band name, I can't help feeling like individuals behind the extra long moniker are somehow compensating for something…usually talent.

But judging by the flier for tonight's show at The Continental Room, I think Matt Israeli Cool and His Experimental Rugs might actually mean business. Do you see the terror on the face of the chick about to be Suplexed?Scary.

But maybe it's not just another clever Continental poster that gives me confidence in MICHER. The fact that it basically includes all the members of The Growlers helps a bit. 

Though the songs on their Myspace  suggest that they are up to their same old surf rock randomness and psychedelia, they've somehow to become even more random with this effort as well as almost entirely instrumental. Either way, it's a sound that seems to go well with a good alchy buzz, or perhaps something a bit stronger. 

I guess you can judge for yourself as they hit the stage tonight alongside Garden Grove outfit The Zinfandels (always goes down smooth) and the L.A. based Dirt Dress.

As always, there a couple cool DJ sets to savor before you position yourself to in front of the stage to get your Monday night injection of twangy acid ramblings.  

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