TONIGHT: KUCI (Locals Only?) Night at The Yost Theater

There's been plenty of great bands playing at the Yost Theater lately thanks to our friendly neighborhood college-radio station KUCI.

Previous KUCI shows at the Yost pulled acts from throughout Orange County, Long Beach and Los Angeles, but tonight is all about the locals. Locals Only in fact. Every band has been featured in our weekly Locals Only column. Man, we get around don't we?

Slutty journalism aside, we're more than happy to have added some shoe box clips to tonight's lineup. Here's the playing order: Argyle Smile open, followed by Janu and the Whalesharks, the New Limb, Make Moon; the night ends with the Growlers. Flaunting a mix of friendly folk, pop, surf rock and psychedelics, The KUCI line up should definitely bring out a diverse crowd to the dark concert hall. Tickets are $8 and doors open at 8 p.m. Set times after the jump.

8 p.m. – doors open
8:30 – Argyle Smile
9:15 – Janu and the Whale Sharks
10 – The New Limb
10:45 – Make Moon
11:30 – The Growlers

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