TONIGHT: Jud Nester, DJ Hyder and Beat Ventriloquists at The Continental Room

If you know anything about the hip hop collective of Abstract Workshop, then you've heard the name Jud Nester before. Amongst the highly capable company of DJs, beat makers and visual artists, Nester adds a silky smooth R&B spoke to AW's arsenal. From behind the ivory keys of an organ or strolling the stage chatting up the audience, or busting out some impromptu rhymes, Nester's charisma can't be (and seldom is) denied. Tonight at The Continental Room in Fullerton, this Long Beach native brings a little bit of blue eyed soul swagger with a touch of Justin Timberlake thrown in (yeah, I went there). If you need further certification of his skill, try checking out the video posted after the JUMP. Watch him and his band make even the most ordinary living room look sexy during a recent rehearsal. Nester also shares the gig tonight with fellow LBC native DJ Hyder and Continental regulars Beat Ventriloquists.


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