TONIGHT: Jamie Foxx at the Grove of Anaheim

Jamie Foxx, leave something for the rest of us. He can act, he can tell jokes, he can sing the hooks of smash-hit Kanye West tunes, and now he's got his own solo career going, too. His third studio album, Intuition (not to be confused with the Jewel song of the same name, not that anyone would), came out late last December, and hit #3 on the Billboard 200 despite some middling reviews.

Sure, it would be easy to make Eddie Murphy/”Party All the Time” jokes if he wasn't working with legit hip-hop stars like T-Pain, T.I., Lil Wayne and (duh) West. Tickets for his show at the Grove of Anaheim tonight range from $70-$100, so if he really can get away with charging that much, he truly is having the last laugh on us all. (As some hollow consolation, at least The Soloist bombed.)

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