TONIGHT: Final OC Music Awards Showcase at Gypsy Lounge

The 10-Tuesday run of OC Music Awards showcases started with four gigs at Detroit Bar, followed by two at Chain Reaction, and two more at eVocal, before moving to the Gypsy Lounge in Lake Forest last week. But nothing lasts forever (and we both know hearts can change), and the final showcase is tonight at the Gyp. Performing: Stacy Clark (pictured), AJ Degrasse, Justin Grennan and HUMANLAB–acts displaying (showcasing, if you will) more of a soul-tinged, piano-based sound than previous showcases.

After this, the acoustic live music finals take place at the Gypsy Den in Santa Ana on March 27, with the “best live band” showcase at the Yost in Santa Ana on March 28. The OC Music Awards are the following Saturday at the Grove of Anaheim, April 4.

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