TONIGHT: Final Night of Dawes Detroit Bar Residency, Local Natives Finish Up at Spaceland

If you didn't make it into tonight's free Used show at Chain Reaction by pre-ordering a copy of their new album, there's still another option for free music in Orange County, albeit 180 degrees musically and culturally in the other direction: try Dawes, in the final night of their Monday night August residency at Detroit Bar (appropriate enough, seeing how this is the final night in August and all that).

The LA band (originally called “Simon Dawes,” if you can believe such a
thing), fit perfectly into the quasi-Americana revival that the kids
are all about these days (think Deer Tick, who they toured with earlier
this summer). Dawes also opened for Jenny Lewis at her excellent Glass
House show in Pomona back in April. Michael Davis and Chief are set to support. It's Monday at Detroit, so yeah, free.

So we've got an LA band playing a free OC residency show tonight, but we've also got OC (or ex-OC, close enough) bands playing a free residency show in LA tonight. Local Natives, one based in Orange County but not Silver Lakeing it up, have been doing a Monday night residency at beloved all-ages venue Spaceland. Our pals Aushua, who are still based in Orange County (yay), and fun., a band we seemingly haven't been able to stop talking about lately (with good reason, sure), both open.

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