TONIGHT: Deerhunter at Detroit Bar, the Dead Weather at the Glass House

There's something about every August 27, 2009, that makes it a big night for shows. The warm weather? The fact that it's Street Scene eve? Pent-up Ted Kennedy/Dominick Dunne mourning? Who knows.

We've got Deerhunter at Detroit Bar, an “ambient punk” band that's caught critical acclaim and buzz much of the decade. Ben Westhoff dug their latest record, Microcastle (read his review here), and so did pretty much everyone else, thus the 81–“universal acclaim”–Metacritic score. Deerhunter played Modified Arts in Phoenix last fall, and our sister paper the Phoenix New Times dug that live show, peep that review right here.

Also in town-ish: the Dead Weather, doin' it up in downtown P-town, Glass House style. You probably already know that Jack White is the drummer of that band, and that Alison Mosshart is the singer. (And that the Kills played the same venue just three months ago.) So what's left to say? Well, I reviewed their record here, even if it's misspelled on the headline (it's spelled right in the body of the article, at least!) That's something, right? Tickets are pretty sold out to this one, but if you're going, consider yourself among the cherished, lucky few.

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