TONIGHT: 'Creme Soda' at The Crosby

Tuesday night is not usually a time for bold statements like “best ever”. But regulars at The Crosby know that when it comes to a tasty, unique sonic experience in the house that DJs built, no night is off limits. So in addition to grabbing a frosty New Castle or a classy sip of Zinfandel tonight, why not try some Creme Soda? Presented by hipster mag L.A. Record, this monthly event will at least pique your curiosity with it's ballsy slogan: “The best music you'll ever hear that you've never heard.” We'll let you be the judge of that, but suffice it so say that they are definitely on to something here.

The Creme Soda line-up offers a parade of turntable excursionists including DJ Nobody (Blank Blue/ Low End Theory/Mars Volta's touring DJ), Heru Avenger (a.k.a. John Basil, who will accompany his exotic wax with cult movie visuals) and Charlie Rose of L.A. Record/Ubiquity (not to be confused with the Emmy-winning journalist/talk show host…ask your parents). As manipulators of ambient sounds, hip hop, psych and other interchangeable genre titles, all three of these guys amount to one great night for those in the mood to spice up their mid-weeks in a world where inventive fervor, underground fun and ironic mustaches abound.

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