TONIGHT: Built to Spill, Kurt Vile, Woods at the Galaxy Theatre

This is important: Built to Spill are playing at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana tonight.

Sure, Built to Spill are one of those bands that get their names thrown around a lot about being “important” or “influential,” but if you're not actually familiar with their material, that might just seem like a lot of blah-blah coming from self-important music fans or critics. Which might be true (to an extent), but that leaves out one important detail: Built to Spill make some really great music.

That's a live performance from last year of “You Were Right,” one of the tracks from the band's 1999 modern classic Keep It Like a Secret. (Not to be confused with 1997 modern classic Perfect From Now On or 2001 modern classic Ancient Melodies of the Future; feel free to debate the modern classic status of those records on the comments.) Built to Spill aren't resting on the laurels of their previous success, their seventh album, There Is No Enemy, is scheduled for release on October 6. Will they play songs from that tonight? Yeah, probably.

Also on the bill: psychedelic crew Woods, and Kurt Vile, whom Chris Ziegler wrote about last week in the Weekly. That article is here.

The really weird thing about this is that as much of a no-brainer as this show is, tickets are still available–an astounding fact, but a fortunate one for anyone reading this. So yeah. Get thee to the Galaxy.

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