TODAY: New Dusty Rhodes and the River Band album in stores

After a couple months of pre-ordering, downloading, and file sharing, today you'll finally be able to do it old school and walk into a record store to cop the new album by Dusty Rhodes and the River Band. TheĀ  release of the band's sophomore effort, Palace and Stage, marks another chapter in the band's career on Side One Dummy Records. And as their bio/press release on the album points out, lyrics like “It's time to shine, this time it's mine” hint at a spangly, folk-rock tour de force on the horizon.

Most of the people that bothered to click on this post have seen OC-based indie darlings of Dusty Rhodes perform at some point, somewhere in the last several years. That's because they've pretty much played EVERYWHERE. From pizza parlors in Placentia to The Alley (back when it still existed), to Chain Reaction to venues in across the pond in England, the endless touring schedule of this band sometimes borders on masochistic. You can also add tours with Blind Melon and Flogging Molly to their ever expanding resumes.

But the record itself should inspire your support as we see the DRRB sound take flight and mature in everything from song structure to production quality. And as summer rolls in to town, the genuine, boot-stomping soul of Palace and Stage could be the perfect sound track to all of your sweat drenched, half-drunk misadventures. Check out their Myspace to get a taste and then go buy the album.

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