Tickets for LA Morrissey Show on Sale Saturday, Pomona Close Behind?

“I know it's gonna happen someday.”

It's been nearly a month since Morrissey tour dates throughout Southern California started popping up on fansites like Morrissey Solo, and official announcement of almost all of them (eventually) followed. There's Morrissey at the Fantasy Springs Resort Hotel N Casino on December 5, Morrissey at the “Majestic Ventura Theater”
on December 11, and just announced yesterday evening, Morrissey at the
Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City on December 10, with $45.75 to
$99.75 tickets on sale this coming Saturday, October 17, at 10 a.m.

That leaves just a couple of question marks in the former Smiths singer/inexplicable Mexican pop culture icon/militant vegetarian's schedule. His own official website lists him playing at the Copley Symphony Hall in San Diego on December 8, and, more to our interests, the Fox Theater in Pomona on December 7–though venues and promoters have yet to announce on-sale dates for those shows, or even announced them as existing at all. We're especially eager for the Pomona show, given the relatively small capacity (2,000) and the overall appeal of the recently reopened general admission venue. Not to mention how close you could potentially get in their pit area. It is to sigh. His current band is awesome and startlingly hard-rocking, so even those tiresome “I like the Smiths, but never really got into Moz's solo stuff” folks would do well to check one of these shows out. (Plus, he'll probably play about a half-dozen Smiths songs.)

It's less than two months away from these shows, and doubtlessly Morrissey devotees (you know who you are, you with your tattoos of his name in Olde English script) from across the Southland are eager to get more detail on when exactly we can secure our spots. And then our hearts will be full.

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