THIS MONTH:The New Limb Residency at The Gypsy Lounge

Over the last year or so, news on the The New Limb has become coin of the realm on this blog. If you've been checking out Heard Mentality at all lately, you've seen them around. And you've had plenty of opportunities to see them on stage in 2009.

For those two or three of you who haven't, it seems the local music gods decided to give you the whole month of December to check out the soaring harmonies, folksy strumming and boundless pop ingenuity of this Costa Mesa four-piece. This Thursday, Dec. 3, the band kicks off their last residency of the year at The Gypsy Lounge in Lake Forest. It's definitely familiar territory for them and this month, they're making things a little homier for the holidays.
In addition to bringing musical compadres like The Color Turning, Aushua and Yellow Red Sparks along for the ride, TLN are apparently going to throw in some holiday cheer every week by tossing in Christmas songs and fresh-baked cookies for the audience. Sounds awesome, right? It kinda makes you wonder what this guy on the flier is so sad about.
Their residency at The Gypsy Lounge comes just weeks before the band releases their first full length album, due out in January with help from sage producer Tom Mgrdichian. Even though it's coming out too late to be a stocking stuffer, its sure to be a harbinger of another great year full of blog-worthy news. 


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