The Next Big Thing: Zhu Zhu Pets

If you're wondering why we haven't yet heard about this holiday season's it-toy, rest assured. Presenting: Zhu Zhu Pets.

Fuzzy, squirmy “pet” hamster dolls that zoom around tracks, chase balls, run in wheels and even cars (apparently, even a hamster “garage” is available)–but without all that nasty potential rodent cannibalism, death and poop stuff.

And don't think you're way ahead of the game, either: A buddy of ours in Yorba Linda has already paid her motherly duty and stood in a long line outside of her local Toys “R” Us about an hour before opening time.

After the jump: The Zhu Zhu Pets commercial and catchy-as-all-fuck jingle that will surely soon haunt your dreams. 

Hope you got a few hundred stashed away for some eBay huntin' fun!

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