The Jakes, Shiny Toy Guns Set For 'Aldrich Park After Dark'

When the Jakes announced their big-time major label deal with Roadrunner (a subsidiary of Warner) last month, their official comment advised that a couple of LA shows at Spaceland and the Viper Room would likely be their last area shows before holing up in the studio, working on their full-length album (the follow-up to EP Shake My Hand, featuring catchy tunes like “Schizophrenia” and “Cough Syrup” that got them all that attention they're currently benefiting from).

Lucky us, though, they've added an Orange County show to their schedule: tomorrow, in fact, as part of UCI's “Aldrich Park After Dark” show, headlined by LA's Shiny Toy Guns. The 19-acre Aldrich Park is, natch, the site of the university's annual “Wayzgoose Medieval Faire,” and generally a pleasant place to see a show, especially at this time of year. It's one of UCI's “Welcome Week” events; the Jakes played it last year, too, that time around with headliners (and fellow OCers) Saosin.

Shiny Toy Guns have their own tie to our coverage area–Long Beach native Sisely Treasure has handled lead vocals for the group since last year's Season of Poison. (Read our review of that here.) Oddly enough, Shiny Toy Guns themselves haven't put this show up on their MySpace at all, but it is still on official sites of both the Jakes and UCI. They did, though, get their breakthrough hit “Le Disko” on the soundtrack to Sorority Row, which deserves credit in and of itself for giving Carrie Fisher work (in a theatrically released feature film, no less!) in the year 2009. No small accomplishment.

Capping up the rather eclectic lineup is Beverly Hills hip hop act Rootbeer; the side project of Pigeon John and Flynn Adam. Things start Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Free.

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