The Beatles: Rock Band Out Now

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past month (and if you have been, is the rock renting? Cuz I could use a cheaper place), you know that today — 9/9/09 — marks the official release date of The Beatles: Rock Band.

That's right folks, the music industry sucks so hard that not only is it relying on the Beatles to generate some cash, it's relying on a freakin' video game with the Beatles in it to generate some cash.

As someone over the age of 25 with hobbies, I've never played Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Wanna know why? Because I know how to play real instruments. If I wanted to jam along with the Beatles (which I did many times as a teenager learning how to play guitar and bass), 
I'd do what us dinosaurs used to do: Throw on some headphones, put on the record and play.

Ah…but what do I know? These games are a bazillion dollar business and I recycle cans for lunch money.

And in case you were wondering…the game is available everywhere anything is sold.

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