The Beastie Boys and Jimmy Eat World are Following Us on Twitter, Are You?

OK, sure, it may only be because their Twitter accounts are set to automatically follow people that mention them, and the Beastie Boys Twitter actually has only ever been updated once, but still. It's something!

We're Tweeting over here, and be sure to check it out. Not only does it update automatically when this blog gets updated (or, uh, some time relatively quickly after it is), I also do live updates from shows around town. And you can always Tweet @ us if you have a question. Fun, fun stuff! Plus, we'll be updating like crazy (along with this blog) during Coachella next weekend.

Sure, Twitter has more outages than the heydays of MySpace (and Tweets have been disappearing like Marty McFly accidentally nearly erasing himself from existence), but at least the failwhale is pretty adorable. OC Weekly proper has a Twitter account, too. Yay for trendy social media!

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