Sutra Unleashes New 'Howlin' Ween' Supper Burlesque Show

Some clubs just can't wait for Halloween. The chance to cash in on sexy angel/devil themed parties can be awfully tempting (emphasis on “awful”). Luckily, a greater ratio of local night spots who eagerly anticipate October 31 actually manage to do the creepy holiday some justice. That's what we're hoping for in the case of Sutra's new supper club's spooky burlesque showcase “Howlin' Ween.” OK, setting that abundantly creative title aside, this actually sounds like a rousing night of sex, stabbings and sirloin steaks. 


The show basically revolves around an old school cabaret
performance and dinner show, only instead of half naked dancers holding
father boas, they'll probably be wielding bloody daggers or something.
As far as the whole “supper club” series goes, this is the Costa Mesa
club's first shot at a Halloween show. And though the flier description
doesn't really, uh, give too much away, they do try to rope us in with
an interesting sales pitch: “Whether tongue in cheek or knife though heart, this show is sure to make your blood boil”.

Howlin' Ween is scheduled to run three shows this month, including tonight (lucky you!). The show dates are October 9, 16 and 23 from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Tickets for the dinner show range from $20 for general admission to $69 (geez!) for VIP dinner seating. Though the Howlin' Ween vibes are going to be followed by the usual weekend bash of electro-tinged top 40 after the performance, the prospect of some eye-popping October entertainment should be worth checking out, at least once.

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