Sublime Reunion Part Deux

Bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh are hitting the stage as Sublime, just like they did in February. But unlike the previous gig, held at some tiny Mexican restaurant in a Nevada town no one's ever heard of, this show is actually pretty big.

It's part of Cypress Hill's Smokeout, a gathering of bands, booths and most importantly, weed. The Sublime reunion might get the most attention, but the lineup is actually pretty good. Scheduled to hit the stage on Oct. 23 and 24 is Slipknot (ok, not so great), Deftones, (again, not so great), Cypress Hill, the aforementioned Sublime, Pennywise, Method Man and Redman, Kottonmouth Kings, the Geto Boys (hells motherfucking yeah), Goodie Mob (booyah!), Bad Brains, Hieroglyphics, Living Legends, Devin the Dude, Mix Master Mike, Afrika Bambaata and more.

Oh, and did I forget to mention the shows, which are going down at the San Manuel Amphitheatre in San Bernadino, are hosted by Cheech and Chong?

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