Story of the Year to Play Acoustic Set at Slidebar

“Until the Day I Die.” “Anthem of Our Dying Day.” Other songs that contain words other than “day.” Story of the Year will be doing all of those things tonight at Slidebar.

The St. Louis, Missouri band will be playing a free, acoustic set at the Fullerton bar/restaurant, shaking off some dust as they start work on their fourth album, the follow-up to 2008's The Black Swan. Orange County hard rock band Alevela open.

Things are being kept relatively hush-hush–it's not listed on Story of the Year's MySpace, and even Alevela just lists their show as featuring a “special guest.” But it's definitely scheduled to happen, with the venue itself promoting the gig. Given Unwritten Law's acoustic set at Sutra this past summer, has Orange County become the hip, new place for punk bands to show off their softer side in intimate venues? (Don't act like you're shocked.)

Those big hits mentioned in the first paragraph up there were from a while ago (2003 style!), so you're probably wondering what Story of the Year have been up to lately. Recording theme songs for pro wrestlers, for one thing.

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