Stacy Clark on 'One Tree Hill' Tonight

Orange County singer/songwriter Stacy Clark is certainly no stranger to “placement” (that's what they call getting your songs in the background of TV, movies or commercials in the, um, “biz”)–she had her song “Touch and Go” featured on an ad for the Canadian release of the Palm Pre cell phone just last month, for instance. But you're nobody until you've gotten a song on a CW young adult drama, which is exactly what Ms. Clark has netted for tonight, when her track “All Time Low” (not to be confused with the wildly popular Baltimore-based pop-punk band of the same name) will be played during a surely riveting scene on One Tree Hill (yep, that show's still on).

One Tree Hill airs at 8 p.m. on the CW, which locally is KTLA, channel 5. Clark is actually the second female singer from Orange County to get a song on the Hill in 2009–our pal Trisha Smith's band, Honeypie, got their song “Never Get Enough” on an episdoe back in April. Read our interview with Smith about it here.

Of course, not to take anything away from either of those fine talents, but both spots ultimately pale in comparison to the greatest moment from OTH this year–and maybe TV history. That's after the jump.


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