Spin City DJ Competition

Last night at Spin City (held at Sutra, that place is sooo beautiful), another 2 hopeful DJs made it a little bit closer to the Winter Music Fest in Miami.

And I got just a little bit closer to destroying my liver.

The competition, which consisted of 20 minute sets, started off with Peter J spinning an enjoyable set sprinkled with Interpol and Jay Z. It was more enjoyable to watch the Tila Tequila wannabe on stage gyrating tragically off beat.

Second was DJ Dizzy whose fans showed support by sporting his name on t-shirts. His own shirt resembled the vertical bars representing levels on a stereo (I’m sure there’s an actual name for them but whatever) and it lit up. He was un-fucking-believable. Dizzy started with some reggae then wound it up to a heavy house beat, holding out a note just long enough then boom! back to the sexy. He even threw in some Jefferson Airplane, some Outfield and some Daft Punk.

Now here’s where the unprofessional journalism comes in: yours truly had a little too much wine.

OK, a lot too much.

It’s a hazard of the job, sometimes the Clubs Editor gets smashed. I’m going to blame Jonathan, our Marketing Coordinator, because… well, he’s just good to blame stuff on.

It was especially apparent judging by the chicken scratch that my notes became. And the fact I no longer was able to distinguish melodies, but wrote about nearly every contestant: Greatest fucking DJ EVER!

The night ended with DJ Dizzy and DJ Sonic as the winners, and my designated driver telling me I was making an ass of myself and that we needed to leave.

Check out the slideshow, thankfully I’m not in it.

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