[Sound Guy] Extended Remix Edition! More Summer Songs from Local Peeps!

The New York Times has long held the motto “all the news that's fit to print.” And you know, sometimes, even here at OC Weekly, all the news just doesn't fit.

So, please to enjoy some more summer songs picked by some more local music community notables that we didn't have room for in the print version (but are still great picks!) of this week's Sound Guy, which just so happens to be currently appearing in our lovely Summer Guide issue, on racks across Orange County and Long Beach now. I think that was the worst sentence I've ever written. Oh well. On to the songs!

Luke Allen
Producer, OC Music Awards
“Learning to Fly,” Tom Petty: “Takes me back to skating every summer day at Mike McGill's Skatepark.”

Bill Bennett
Managing director, Sweet Relief Musicians Fund and manager, The Living Suns
“Your Love,” The Outfield: “That hit the charts in the summer of 1986. This was the summer in between my senior year in high school and freshman year at college, so that's a pretty important summer as summers go. Most of my time that year was spent hanging out with friends down at the Jersey shore and this song was all over the place. Unlike most of what was hitting the charts at that time, this one seemed to resonate with me and just gave you the feeling of summer, even though the lyrics do not suggest that at all. I always considered it one of my guilty pleasures that I liked that song, but Bon Iver recently did a cover of it so I feel vindicated for sticking with it all these years.”

Darren Goldstein
Drummer, Yellow Red Sparks
“Under the Boardwalk,” The Drifters: “This song puts my mind at ease and reminds me of the good old days of not having to worry about anything.”

Lauren Salamone
Keyboards and vocals, The New Limb
“Someday,” Sugar Ray: “Mine is super embarrassing. Only because I spent an entire summer when I was in junior high sitting by the pool with that song on. So don't print mine. Also anything Pink Floyd or Yes.. because my dad would open the garage and blare it all day while I was sitting by the pool. I spent a lot of time sitting by my pool in junior high and high school.”

And, bonus picks from Adam Chavez, drummer of The New Limb!
“I'm Coming Out,” Diana Ross: “I think that I've somehow associated this song with my experiences from junior high pool parties, which happened in the summer…. I feel weird that I picked that.”

“Some Sublime song off of their self-titled album. Because usually there is some guy at the beach with a boom box that only has a radio and a tape player inside it and KROQ is the only thing he knows to tune into.”

“Take Me Out,” Franz Ferdinand: “I believe this derives from the subliminal urge to want to go outside when its summertime, yet usually by the time you¬†have finally¬†taken youself outside, the sun's going down.”

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