So Many Awesome Pre-Coachella Shows Coming to Glass House

They have hotels in Pomona, right? You might want to invest on one for the week of April 13, where the Glass House is taking advantage of their proximity to Indio with a stellar slate of boner-shattering acts coming to the venue before Coachella kicks off that weekend.

Monday, April 13: Jenny Lewis ($22)
Tuesday, April 14: TV on the Radio ($25)
Wednesday, April 15: Conor Oberst ($25)
Thursday, April 16: The Black Keys ($25)

Yeah. Pretty awesome. Of course, all these acts are playing Coachella, happening immediately afterwards from April 17-19. Is it just me or have TV on the Radio been nearly omnipresent in the media these days? “Saturday Night Live,” “The Colbert Report,” “Rachel Getting Married” on my plane flight home a couple weeks ago (Tunde Adebimpe plays the guy getting married to Rachel, don't you know. And he's good!). Jenny Lewis is obviously awesome. Read my review of the last time she was here-ish. Conor Oberst and Black Keys, also exciting (well, depending on your take on the rather polarizing Oberst). Seriously, for these four days, at least, who would want to leave P-town?

All tickets on sale this Saturday at noon.

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