Slideshows: The Parson Red Heads at the Yost Theatre, Craig Owens at Chain Reaction

Couple midweek shows got photographed last night–The Parson Red Heads at the Yost in Santa Ana (seen above!), and Craig Owens of Chiodos at Chain Reaction in Anaheim.

Beth Stirnaman was down at the Yost, and (along with myself!) was unfortunately one of very few people there–I counted, maybe, 50 peeps during the most crowded period. Well, those 50 were smart folks, since it was a heck of a show, even though I missed norCal opening act Two Sheds (boo to me). It was my first “full” time seeing We Barbarians, and it my first time seeing the charming Parson Red Heads at all, who performed expertly despite the anemic turnout. They also had some of the best on-stage banter I've heard in a while.

Robert Fayette was holding things down at Chain, and took pics of all the bands on the bill, including the Gay Blades, who I gave a verbal high-five to yesterday.

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