Slideshows: Orange International Street Fair, OC Roller Derby

There's a Labor Day weekend tradition even more sacred than the Jerry Lewis telethon: the Orange International Street Fair, which this year took place September 4 through 6 in historic/beautiful/adorable/insert positive adjective here downtown Orange. If you weren't brave enough to face–and attempt to wade through–the massive crowds, we've got your back, with this slideshow by photographer Chris Victorio. (CV also shot Nine Inch Nails on Thursday at the Hollywood Palladium, those photos are here.)

More fun stuff from over the weekend to gaze upon: Saturday's OC Roller Girls bout between the Huntington Heartbreakers and the Psycho Ex-Girlfriends, shot by Keith May here; and May back to work on Sunday at the “11th Annual Wood Racket Classic Tournament.” peep those pics here.

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