Slideshow: Epicenter and Pomona Fairplex, Musicians Swap Meet at Old World Village

Do you like to rock? Yes? Well, if so, you probably already were at Saturday's Epicenter show at the Pomona Fairplex in (um, let me guess this one) Pomona. Artists included: Alice in Chains, Linkin Park, Tool, Atreyu, Wolfmother and heaps more. So you were probably totally there, rocking out. Oh, what's this? You didn't make it out? Oh. I see. Well, take a look at this slideshow by Chris Victorio, then. It's the next best thing!

OK, OK, backs against the wall here, people. Sounds like you want one more slideshow. Then how about this one by Keith May, at the surprisingly busy Musicians Swap Meet from Sunday that helped breathe some momentary life into creaky ol' Old World Village, which is here. (Oh, and check out Spencer Kornhaber's story on the place here.)

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