Slideshow: Autolux at Detroit Bar

I am lame. Among the lamest, really. I didn't go to Autolux at Detroit Bar last night, even though I had been planning on it for a while. The reasons aren't that interesting (I worked late and was really sleepy–see, told you, not interesting), but at least some people were cool enough to go, like photog extraordinaire Andrew Youssef, who had this to say about the gig:

“It was freaking awesome. The Detroit Bar was packed. Autolux had their own sound guy so everything was perfectly mixed. A lot of new songs. The song on the setlist “High Chair” was sung by Greg (who infrequently sings) and sounded very Kid A/Thom Yorke solo (sparse electronic beeps and squeals intermixed with some jazz inspired bass lines). The other new songs tapped into the vein of Sonic Youth.

The Pity Party was amazing as well with Heisenflei pulling triple duty between drums, keyboards and vocals at the same time. They just came back from SXSW and were well rehearsed playing songs like “H.O.T.S”, “Love Lies”, “Yours That Works”, “Dronebots and Peons”.”

Oh, and Andrew also took pics, too, of course. Here they are!

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