Showgazing: Stedapol C.C. Watt at The Continental Room

As a regular beer guzzler down at The Continental Room in downtown Fullerton (in case you haven't noticed, I tend to mention them on the blog from time to time), I've seen plenty of cutting-edge acts, down and dirty soul, hip hop…you name it. But long standing residencies of such great artists at this eclectic hipster watering hole are few and far between. Which is why writing this short post on what I saw at last night's Stedapol C.C. Watt is so bittersweet.

 On the one hand, I got a chance to stumble on a band with some serious soul chops, right-on-time rhythm and a front man who can sing his ass off. However, the fact that they've been playing here since August without my knowledge kinda makes me wanna slap myself. But hey, hopefully you got a chance to witness the prowess of this power trio before I did. But this is more or less for the people who haven't yet. Bound by the sonic kinship of Jonny Brill (bass), Rob Brill (drums) and Rodney Gardiner (vocals, guitar) the band conjures up memories of slow-melting 60s soul and 70s topped by the powerful tenor of Gardiner sporting a floppy Donny Hathaway brim. I have to say, it suits him well. If you get a chance to see this band anytime this month when they return to Continental (every Tuesday night, I believe) don't miss out. 

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