RIP: Trent Reznor's Twitter

For the last few months, Trent Reznor has been interacting with Nine Inch Nails fans (historically an insanely devoted lot) via Twitter, updating them on the happenings of their tour with Jane's Addiction, running ticket giveaway contests, talking about his romance with fiancee Mariqueen Maandig of West Indian Girl and even raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to aid a Nevada fan needing a heart transplant. It gave rare insight into an artist often seen as standoffish, mysterious and kind of, uh, scary? Truly, it proved what Twitter has already proved for many: that no matter how unapproachable or inscrutable a celebrity may appear, they're just dorks like the rest of us.

Of course, it was only a matter of time until he started getting irritated with goofballs online, and posting messages like this: “Play the victim now you miserable fuck.” The inevitable backlash took its final course yesterday, when Reznor posted this message on NIN's forum that he's retiring from social networking sites. Sad. But why not remember the good times with this highlight reel of sweet @Trent_reznor tweets? (Oh, and if you haven't yet, read Spencer Kornhaber's review of the NIN/JA show at Verizon last month.)

“First we're catching a matinNe of “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” before soundcheck to get pumped up.

(Two hours later, aka the approximate amount of time it would take to see that movie.)

I can't let that one go – I am not serious people. Forgot about the “believe everything you see on the internet is true” thing.

(Sure, buddy, sure.)

Has everyone bitched enough today, or would you like something else to complain about?

(The first signs of cracks in the facade.)

Also, anybody aware enough to ask if they are a stalker is NOT a stalker. Does that even make sense?


Now that I'm in love and gone all soft on you, can anyone recommend any romantic comedies? Got a weird urge.

(So awesome.)

“Made a rare public outing last night. 5 different people approached me (all male) and said “nice app!” (cont.)


However, it was really loud and I thought they were all saying “nice ASS”. Threw me off my game for a minute.

(No comments necessary for these last few.)

Fuckit. I just bought a LOT of Viagra.

Bad news. We may have to postpone the first show in FL. JJ's Star Trek opens that night…

That film MUST be
seen in a packed, amped theater full of geeks some of whom are dressed
as either Vulcans or Klingons. I'm going Vulcan.

Have CNN on in
the background and realize I'm humming the “Jitterbug” commercial. If
you've heard it – you know there's pain involved.

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