Release the Sounds: Pipsqueak, 'Untitled'

Pipsqueak sounds nothing like what their name suggest. Loud, fast and to-the-point, this wiry young multi-instrumentalist garage rock duo from Anaheim (known simply as “Brent and Z.Z.”) combine lovelorn lyrics, trashy bravado and lo-fi chaos that manages to disrupt your ear drums–memorably. This Thursday, the band is releasing their untitled label debut on old-school cassette (pictured to your right) via Anaheim's Burger Records (you may remember the label appearing on the cover of the Weekly back in October). 

Exploding out of the gate with the frantic opener “Horse Untamed,” jittery rhythms become the backdrop for frantic lyrics and a flurry of scratchy caterwauls that seem to be a trademark of each song. Even though their sound is quite at home in the Burger Records family, it's safe to say that this music isn't for everyone. You can pretty much bet after the first couple songs, those listening to them will either press eject and throw the tape out the window, or become fans for life. 


And while speedy cymbal bangers like “Here it Comes” and “Into the Sun” are loud and obnoxious enough to peel the paint off a wall, it's also important to note that Pipsqueak can still tug at the heartstrings when they choose. Slower, sentimental jams such as “Just Don't Don't Work” offer a different texture to their jangly aesthetic by incorporating a little finger snapping R&B as Brent's vocals wail on on like Tim Armstrong covering Van Morrison.
On balance, Pipsqueak end things with an authoritative jaunt of self-destructing rock with the song “Throw Me Away.” It just might be the most appealing track on the album. Despite it's heaving helping of pulsing '60s swagger, this catchy closer shows a departure from the mushy blizzard of sounds jockeying to be heard. Instead, every instrument seems to find its place in the sun. 
With a little extra exposure (and more sweet cassette releases) Pipsqueak's new material might just find a lasting place in the battered tape decks of Burger Records disciples looking for some good ol' garage rock recklessness. 

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