Release the Sounds: No More Stories… by Mew out TODAY

In the world of Danish alternative rock, it doesn't get much better than Mew. Anyone with a better frame of reference regarding this genre is welcomed to dispute that, but I'm pretty sure I'm right. Anyways, as we've mentioned before on this blog, this illustrious group of inventive Danes is coming to the hollowed halls of Detroit Bar on Sep. 7. Should be a good time.

Until then, it's worth mentioning that their new album No More Stories … drops today, Aug. 25 on Sony Records in the U.S. The album, produced by Rich Costey (the man whose been behind the boards for everyone from Nine Inch Nails to The Mars Volta to Fiona Apple), No More Stories… is a stark contrast to the band's previous effort And the Glass Handed Kites back in 2005. Besides being a lot happier, some would say “dancier”, it steers clear of the last album's penchant for continuous transitions from song to song. Oh and if you play the song “New Terrain” backwards, you end up with a different song they've titled “Nervous”. How 70s of them. If you're interested in checking out their video for the single “Introducing Palace Players”, please do so after the JUMP. And remember to come to Detroit Bar on Sep. 7 for some good Mewsic. 

Introducing Palace Players

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